High-quality label makes a big difference. It represents wine soul and affects the customer decision.

According to Wine.net survey
80 % of wine buyers decisions are based mostly
on a bottle label.
What should we do?
Show character
Each wine has own taste and story.
Sophisticated and reserved label fits one with rich tradition. Bright and avangard label goes well with a young brand. In any case, the label label has to be aesthetic and attractive.
Stand out
It's easy to get lost in a shop.
Dozens of wine bottles create visual noise.
But a shouting red label is not a perfect option as it should approach the specific target audience.

Build an identity
Rules and common visual elements are critical if you have several wine lines with different price, age or type. They help you to create consistent style and recognizable brand as a result.
My works
Keeping wide range of wines in one style is important.
It lets each bottle to have its own mood and still to be a part of trade mark.
Classic wine line for TM Evpatoria
Young wine line for TM Evpatoria

It'is easy to choose perfect visual language, when you define preference of your target audience.

High grade label attracts custommer's attention and forms recognizable look. Consistent style makes your brand popular, and gives advantage before competitors on the shelf.

Gamalia Daniil
graphic designer, identity specialist
I help you to create recognizable look, to stand out among competitors and to attract certain audience via consistant visual styles, original logos and attractive packaging.
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